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Jun. 21st, 2017 11:49 am
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Is anyone in the DFW area able to help someone on my other flist adopt some kittens? see http://nwhiker.dreamwidth.org/1755453.html

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Jun. 19th, 2017 02:57 pm
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If you are interested in Takin' Over the Asylum, I have posted some exciting news over in my lonely little community [community profile] weareloonies.

A note from Rei

Jun. 19th, 2017 01:03 am
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If I were an anime girl, I would apparently be a weak, sickly one, taking meds in order to survive and having executive function issues.

I would also be a vegetarian for reasons of conscience, and would fiercely defend the few people that I deeply cared about.

It just seems very appropriate. And the appropriateness is comforting.

Please poke Claire and tell her to write more.

Respect and the art of spelling

Jun. 14th, 2017 11:40 pm
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(reposted from Facebook)

Facebook asks me "what's on your mind?" Tonight, it's spelling, and attention to detail. I try very hard to make sure my correspondence is spelled properly, to show the recipient that I'm paying attention. If a person, or a group of people, or even a business, cannot spell names, addresses, or even emails correctly, it just smacks of a lack of respect, *especially* after multiple corrections. This has happened to me so. many. times. in my life, and is still happening today.
It's frustrating, it's annoying, and it just leaves me with a sense of "I don't want to work with you anymore, if you can't even do me the courtesy of spelling my name/address/email/etc correctly." (end rant) (end repost)

On DW/LJ, I'm going to add here the number of people who gloss over spellings in professional situations is bordering on the ludicrously frightening. The business I'm starting up was originally submitted, from the lawyer's office, as "Gyphon Winds LLC" despite my spelling it properly as "Gryphon Winds LLC" on several pieces of paperwork. So... NOW I'm getting lots of junk mail sent to "Gyphon Winds." I hate it. The business I JUST ordered repair tickets from is shipping it to "Grython Winds LLC" DESPITE it being spelled correctly MULTIPLE TIMES on the repair ticket AND the order sheet. "P" and "T aren't even NEAR each other on the keyboard! And I have had to ask the lawyer's office to correct my address (which was missing a number!) on my sales license!

*sigh* Okay, I need to get some sleep. Been unpacking all day and I'm tired.

Man, I thought when I got married and changed my name to something a litte more common, things would be better. I guess not.

Soothing our inner fox kit

Jun. 14th, 2017 09:28 pm
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Sometimes, when I'm feeling nervous, I try to comfort my inner child by showing her stuff that she would have been amazed by. Remembering how I would have felt, if I'd gotten to see (for example) a handheld console that looked like my Game Gear* or GBA, but was much more powerful than even an N64.

My inner child is still afraid of anything that isn't sufficiently Mormon, though, so I also have to reassure her that stuff like cute visual novels isn't going to corrupt us or hurt anyone. ^^;

I don't think she's a literal person, so much as that when I get anxious I kind of regress to when I was living in fear all the time. Then I have to coax myself back out, or at least try to make myself comfortable enough that I start to feel better.

Writing Prompt

Does anyone else (not) do this? What sort of things comfort you? For us it's toys, games, and especially electronics, because we were privileged to have access to things like computers from an early age. And they were our escape.

* I bought it when I was 10, with the prize money from winning a regional spelling bee, and carried it with me everywhere. Even though I couldn't afford batteries (6x AA batteries lasted like six hours in this thing), and had to rely on AC and car adapters. It was my treasure.

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