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(Disclaimer! This post is being written while sleepy and under the influence of sugar. It comes with no warranty of coherency, express or implied.)

On the subjects of bad habits I'd like to get rid of, I'm very aware of my ability to chronically sleep deprive myself. This is related to my ability to be sidetracked easily -- the hallmark of someone that spends too much time focusing on what he's doing at the moment, and not enough managing the analytical sense to know when to stop.

I actually wonder if this is a common problem for intuitively-driven people in general (or geeks, really). I've mused previously on my intense drive to keep playing the same game to an unhealthy degree, and find this equally applicable to all of my artistic obsessions as well.

Of course, this doesn't jive well with my attempts to rediscover balance after what's been a terrifying year for me.* I've been busy attempting to reassert myself in a manner both professional and magnanimous, and am finding my lack of sleep both severely embarrassing and directly blocking my progress.**

In a way, this can easily be defined as Western laziness -- except that, in my case, I fill my time with meaningful activity. I simply can't find the time to stop.

Assuming this is common, is anyone experienced enough to know how to fix it?

* And with the recent news that my previous employer was just acquired by a European firm that may dismantle the company, I definitely made the right decision.
** This is less apparent in my journaling, of course; I unapologetically edit everything I write.

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