Oct. 12th, 2010

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One of my biggest vices, if it could be called such, is my constant availability via synchronous* and social media. It's a habit I've long cultivated, borne by the fear of missing what's relevant.

While I sit here at the edge of Lake Union writing this on my Kindle, I'm reminded of how much easier it is to organize my thoughts when I'm alone with them. It also reminds me how much relevancy is internally driven, which is easy to forget in a world of near-constant access to new information.

So, in the vein of my earlier posts, and consistent with my wishes for more personal time, I'm going to take a partial retirement from synchronous media. I'll still be available, but my responses will be deliberately delayed and batched, and my refresh times will take the pattern of days and hours instead of minutes and seconds.

See you all on the other side of the change. Against expectations, you'll probably hear more from me here, since it's the most efficient way to catalogue my thoughts.

(I can't post what I'm listening to while using Dreamwidth Mobile. If I could, it'd be the low singing of a kayaker across Lake Union, and the thrum of airplanes from SeaTac.)

* Requiring time-sensitive response on my part.

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