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It’s infrequent that I write long posts. After all, I’ve been captured by that Twitter thing.

However, due to a certain event occurring every November, I find myself waxing long past eloquence. Damn you, Chris Baty!

Indeed, this post has less to do with objects of the citrus persuasion (though there are certainly a few in it!), and more about my NaNoWriMo buffer. Latifolia optional.

So, what have I been writing about?

  • A few short stories regarding magic and computer science, especially where the two cross. While this may only appeal to the nerds among us, imagine a world where the Internet as we know it never came about by conventional means. Instead, it was discovered that particles could be manipulated at a basic level with enough directed thought and applied phlebotinum. Soon, it was discovered that these actions could be automated and magically constructed, completely rewriting the fundamental laws of computation.

    It seemed like a good idea at the time.

  • Stories of virtual reality, building upon my extensive experience with Second Life (I refuse to indicate that with a trademark). Virtual reality has the ability to show us our best and worst traits as we cast ourselves through the looking glass. Indeed, this has already borne itself out in shared simulations like SL, which form the bulk of my reference material.

  • Because there must always be dragons, I’ve started a fantasy epic that relates loosely to Baxil’s own TTU mythos. This quickly gave way to a spec for mixing virtual reality with avatars that aren’t necessarily human, and ways to implement magic in such a way that others can freely build upon it without delving into the technical details.

    Werewolves hurling fireballs as Clinton cracks down on therian policy, all in a neat little MMO shared reality? You’d better believe it.

  • Interactive fiction. It is my sworn duty as a game developer to write IF. It’s also lots of fun.

  • And of course, lots and lots (and lots) of notes on how I intend to employ myself again.* It’s cheating, but I feel it’s warranted as I try to make quota. Everybody’s doing it!

As with every NaNo sprint I attempt, my writing is less about completing a novel in a month and more about writing speculative fiction.

Does any of this seem interesting to you?

* At the time of this writing, I’m between interviews at Microsoft and Google. I’m also in the midst of a temporary move to the Pacific Northwest that I intend to make permanent. All this, and I’m writing 50,000 words in a month.

I never said I was sane. You’re just jealous the voices speak to me and not you.
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Originally published at AesTerra. You can comment here or there.

After the last few posts, I’d become dissatisfied with the direction this blog was going. So, we now have a new look!*

The last months have been brutal. I’ll spare the details, as drama posts aren’t exactly a novelty on the internet. The good news is I’ve decided to support this blog again as my writing outlet, and funnel my other thoughts through Twitter and my DA.

I’m currently working on the art side of things over at My writing has somewhat lapsed due to the 140 character limit, so I’ll be working on some larger posts again as the muse serves.

I’m also working on a few novel ideas that I’d like to share here:

  • AesTerra: The Musings of Another World

  • An alternate reality based around practical flight, without devolving heavily into Ye Olde Steampunk. The few ideas I have scribbled down rely heavily on bending the rules with regards to magic and technology ever so slightly.

  • Elterra: Adventures from the Electron Stream

  • Life has formed on the internet. Starting slow in the primordial ooze of drama and lolcats, our bots and systems have gained sentience. This is their story of existence in the sea of electrons, and of what happens next.

  • New Game+

  • What if everything in life worked exactly like a game of D&D? A hilarious devolution into “everything as numbers,” everything practical in life is now governed by levels, stats, and The Rulebook. This book will give you 2500XP toward your next level in scholarship and comic fantasy!

If any of these strike your fancy, I’d love to hear about it! I could definitely use the inspiration and critique. :)


* For my LJ readers, click the link at the top of this entry

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