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One of the most interesting things about being otherkin is, alongside therians and similar groups, we're among the few that can substantively explain what it's like to be more than human. While our condition is one firmly rooted within the human experience, it also transcends beyond, letting loves and experiences we'd otherwise not express help define whom we are.

I'm not sure why that seems fundamentally broken to some people. When you strip out all of the mysticism, woo, and notions of past lives and prior existences from the equation, what you're left with is this group of people interested in simulating how they wish they could be. It's quirky, it's weird, and in many cases it's outright kinky, but it says as much about the capabilities of humanity as it does about the attempts to transcend it. We're just a group that, given half the chance, might want to shed the mantle of humanity entirely.

I'm not sure why I feel the need to express that. I think a lot of it has to do with this "is otherkin/is not otherkin" dichotomy, where people still aren't certain who is "genuine enough" to receive consideration for their beliefs. And, in the midst of the very real possibility of being wrong about all of this past-life woo, it's good to have a solid base that defines that which I am.

I guess I don't feel shame for being otherkin, even if everything I believe about myself were unequivocally proven wrong. In my minds eye, it remains the person whom I wish to be. Through simulations, it remains the person whom experiences have led me to be. And in that sense, it ceases to be this past-rooted thing, instead becoming that whom I am.

But, unrelated to all of this, let's stop to celebrate the small victories. And, for all of you in the states: I hope you had a happy and safe 4th of July.
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To play a bit of follow-up, I actually went ahead and replied to the email from Zig Zag Productions. The response I received made me about as uncomfortable as the initial pitch, but it went far to clearing up my questions as to why they're doing what they are.

In short, I've been assured that it's going to be something of an open soap-box documentary, letting otherkin speak out to the general community. Given my earlier reservations about the choice of media, the company, and the inherent need for profitability, I flag this as "a sincere production of dubious intent" that I would not advise participation in at this time.*

(Because I respect their contact representative's privacy, I won't be copy-pasting his follow-up email here. Despite email's open, insecure nature, that wouldn't be terribly fair of me.)

More interestingly: someone in the community (whom I follow on Twitter) is putting together their own documentary, as a grassroots thing with open submission and a more transparent editing process. Some of you had expressed interest in similar ideas in the comments of my previous post. Would you mind helping Arudem out?

* As a note of interest, one of the ideas discussed with me was a segment about bringing otherkin from the UK to meet their US counterparts. Certain people in my audience will find this very amusing indeed. In the interests of being coy and protecting the innocent, I'll simply state that I've done this at least twice now.
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So, remember all that about moving and then not doing so? Well, as fate would have it, a new place opened up in the complex I wanted to move into. It's a large, spacious, 2,560 sqft. monster of an apartment, in which I will soon be cohabitating with three other dragons you may already know and love. Oops.

But yes, that. This will mark the first time I've ever moved into a shared setting where I have every intention of being social, and I'd like to talk about it.

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If you're reading this, chances are you have no idea who I am.

You may have met me, you might be one of my close friends, or more often than not, you're someone who has absolutely no idea who this "Goldkin" character is or why the heck he added you to [add service here].

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