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[ profile] lothnomicon linked this yesterday. I simply must share, because while this is another one of those create-your-own-dragon Flash games, its quality is reasonably good.

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So, remember all that about moving and then not doing so? Well, as fate would have it, a new place opened up in the complex I wanted to move into. It's a large, spacious, 2,560 sqft. monster of an apartment, in which I will soon be cohabitating with three other dragons you may already know and love. Oops.

But yes, that. This will mark the first time I've ever moved into a shared setting where I have every intention of being social, and I'd like to talk about it.

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In reflecting over the past several years, I'm surprised by how quiet and complacent I've been in finding my own identity. This led me down many paths -- most, blind alleys and precarious loops around the same topic -- that seemed like good ideas at the time, but served only to stunt my attempts to understand this world and those who live here.

Breaking the silence was the first step toward repairing the damage. While that level of prolificism hasn't made its way here (as I'm notoriously bad at keeping up with public journals), the experience has resulted in a complete removal of the cynicism I've held toward spiritual discussion and the blanket classification of "otherkin" over the past decade. I'm coming to realize, after finding some approximation of community, that my views, experiences, and closely-held existential beliefs are strikingly common on a level I had not anticipated.*

Now, before I continue, this is a topic completely separate from discovering my own draconity and finding shared identity online. I made that discovery nearly eight years ago, after an additional four years of raking myself over coals on whether the issue was a meaningful part of my life.

Rather, this is an entirely horizontal experience -- finding, for the first time, that my cynicism isn't getting in the way of my better judgment. Suddenly, I can actually understand and appreciate what's being said in the draconic and spiritual sections of Dreamwidth, LiveJournal, et al.

While this discovery shouldn't surprise current readership, this is actually A New Thing for me. It stands as a personal shame that, being entirely too cynical to explore the journaling communities further (in 2003!), it took me seven years and a move to figure this out.

Suddenly, this flips me from worrying that an abstract "people" would out me as crazy (for any definition, they will, regardless of my views), to stumbling blindly into a well-defined audience that already knows exactly what I'm talking about. This leaves my opinions as also-rans, and myself with little to add to the conversation.

This is supremely frustrating for me, and stands as the top reason my journaling habits are so poor. It isn't that I lack things to say; I simply feel that, somewhere, someone has already said them far better than I.

Of course, I feel the same way about this post. I'm only letting it escape now, for my lack of finding a poorly-defined "somewhere," and simple need of advice.**

What are your views on the journaling draconic community as it currently exists, and how could a reformed cynic (and virtual-reality engineer) aid discussion in a way that wouldn't be noise?

* With the proviso that, yes, this could be my own form of confirmation bias, overly-aggressive inductive reasoning, or a similar misunderstanding on my part. I do not think this is the case, but with only conversation logs spanning to 2006 to back me up, it's difficult to tell.

** Or more likely, because it's 2AM, with my internal editor nursing his last glass of snark before the rest of me goes to bed.
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If you're reading this, chances are you have no idea who I am.

You may have met me, you might be one of my close friends, or more often than not, you're someone who has absolutely no idea who this "Goldkin" character is or why the heck he added you to [add service here].

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