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Yesterday, my significant other made one of the most difficult decisions in his life by coming out to 155 of his friends and family. This is the first time he's told them that he's transgender, and it marks his first week of chemical therapy.

I'm quite proud of him. It's taken him several years to come to this decision, and now that he has, I will do everything I can to support him through his transition. It also means, pragmatically speaking, that I've gone from a heterosexual relationship to a homosexual one without switching partners, and I surprisingly have no problem with this. If my family questions me on my decision to stay at his side, I will simply tell them that I choose to support love in all of its forms and that I support my mate in his decision.

I think it's pretty amazing that we live in a world where, upon discovering whom we are on the inside, we can choose to become that person. It jives very well with my sense of the body as an avatar of self-expression and a manifestation of inner being, and I will continue to support efforts to make it easier, less dangerous, and more socially acceptable to make this type of decision.

(Of course, I'm very much a transhumanist by trade... but I suppose that goes with the territory.)

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