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This post is a signal boost for others that may have been included in Zig Zag Productions' latest email campaign for their documentary on otherkin. As others have mentioned, I advise caution, given their choice of affiliates and contact methods (for, among other things, the current Whitney Houston documentary).

Of course, we've heard about this before, and the current email states the production is now for "a documentary for a UK television channel following the lives of Otherkin." The timing and this change of phrasing implies they've lost the Animal Planet bid for this production. Which seems reasonable, honestly -- I don't expect our lives to be that strikingly different from your preferred average Joe, except for what goes on on the inside and what folks like [ profile] lupabitch went out of their way to document.

I'm considering giving them the benefit of the doubt at this point, throwing them a bone by linking [ profile] waywind's terrific Otherkin Timeline and asking for a list of questions that can be anonymously addressed to the community. I'm dubious on their current call to speak to people over the telephone and document me for fairly obvious reasons of personal and professional security, but I'm not above giving them something to talk about in aggregate, as a judge of character in how seriously involved they actually are one year later.

We'll see. For now, I'm mostly documenting my thoughts for others, on the off chance they're helpful.

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