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I believe that people can fundamentally change.

It isn't always rapid. It isn't always rewarding. There are many potential inhibiting factors, including and not limited to: age, chemistry, and environment, that may block desired change. But, at the marriage of impetus and opportunity, I believe that desired change is possible in one's personality and in one's life.

I also believe that change is a constant in our lives. This notion that one's personality, habits, and reality are immutable is simply silly, though it may certainly seem that way. Somewhere behind the scenes, change is always happening, often despite appearances.

Because change is constant, I believe that people try desperately to hold on to the things they believe define them for who and what they are. I believe this is as equally true of experiences as of material goods, and I believe that this collection of experiences is vital to the psyche and the soul, since they both define us and bound the limits of our consciousness.

Further, I believe we cannot keep every experience inside of ourselves. Because of this, we are picky and choosy about those that stay with us. I think that this executive process of picking and choosing defines who we are more than our race, our creed, or any of the preconditions that set us in this life.

Even if we are guided by forces outside of our control, I believe in choice as much as I believe in change.

Thus, I believe that I can take an active role in defining who I am. It may seem simple, but I think it's made all the difference.

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