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Looking at what I've posted in personal channels over the past few months, I've come to realize my situation isn't that bad. In fact, much of why I've been bitter was entirely on my end.

Sure, I temporarily live in a house with a screaming baby. Okay, my job situation didn't pan out over the past several months (a situation I admittedly put myself into, for personal reasons). Yes, I've found myself severely doubting my actions over the past several years when I pissed off in school and took a business degree with focus in computing, instead of completing my Engineering degree or taking a proper BS in CS.

The fact is, I'm intelligent and adult enough to fix those problems, even if they seemed insurmountable at the time. And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

I've begun talks to return to my former employer, under what I hope will be a telecommute agreement. Concurrent to this, I'm going to apply to the University of Washington for their Master's Preparation Sequence in Computer & Software Systems (their equivalent to a CS degree). Even if I don't go for the full degree, I absolutely require a foundation in CS theory.

And concurrent to all of this, I'm going to continue applying for full-time positions at Microsoft. I received two in-person interview loops for positions that were in my area but above my experience level. Given enough time and commitment on my part, I'll definitely get in.

Back at home, I've discovered ways to completely step out of the drama that's been flying back and forth between friends (here) and family (at a distance). I've established a Plan B if things go completely tits up, I've appeased family so I don't have them hounding me or complaining that I'm a failure, and I've settled my personal matters so I feel reasonably more secure.

In light of having broken down about this recently, this is genuinely good news. I just hope the high remains such that I can make this all work out.

And hey, getting another job offer wouldn't hurt, either. :)

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