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As posted to Twitter, I recently completed Digital: A Love Story. I will start by saying: you should absolutely play this game.

The time is 1988. Computers are still novelty, and the Internet is just starting to find its place in our world. That said, allow me to blatantly rip off a description that's far better than I am capable of:

If Retro Game Challenge was a different experience — say, if instead of capturing those years spent playing Famicom/NES games at your best friend’s house after school, Indies Zero instead crafted a game about exploring the underbelly of the online world on your first computer before the World Wide Web even existed — you would have something like Digital: A Love Story.

I admit it’s a weakness of mine that I must examine every game I enjoy through
RGC’s lens, but as much as that DS title is a love letter to NES gaming, Digital is a tribute to those late nights wasted in front of your computer connecting to Bulletin Board Systems, analyzing strange screen names, and sending private messages to people you had no business talking to at your age.

More from that review here.

As AP states, the presentation is so authentic that the nerds in the group will find themselves concerned over using their real names, different passwords on each board, and whether each application was really a virus. Even if this isn't your thing, this facet is entirely and delightfully meta, and only adds to the experience.

I had originally wanted to post light spoilers of the story, but instead, I'll leave you to discover this yourselves. The actual plot is short and to the point, provided you don't mind dialing the same boards multiple times for some (rather obvious) event flags. Total play time clocks in at a little under an hour.

See you on the boards!

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