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Lately, I haven't been posting much to my journal in favor of microblogging services like Google+ and Twitter. While most of my audience is using one or both of these services, for those that didn't get the memo, I can be found here:!/goldkin

While it saddens me that I don't use journalspace as much as I'd like to, I freely admit that it doesn't serve my purposes as well as newer Facebook engines that elevate the disposable role of plain text. As a result, I spend much more time with them than I do Dreamwidth. While these services' sorting and reading models are still atrocious (as [personal profile] kistaro and I discussed earlier today), they work precisely because users and content are much more locable (read: findable) while keeping posting- and follow impedance very low.

Because of this, I've found they provide a richer discussion through their ability to spontaneously include hundreds or thousands of people in a single topic, through messages that are understood to be transient. Most surprising, these messages are much more likely to be read consistently by many in my audience here. I've found this simply works better for me, both for organizing and sharing my thoughts, because it lets me be much more spontaneous and forthcoming about what I have to say.

Regardless, Dreamwidth retains a place for me despite these new, noisier services that compete for my time. What it provides and literally strives to be is a constant -- this electronic brick-and-mortar for my thoughts, where I can leave content and expect to find it five, ten, or twenty years from now. I feel that this has always been the place of journaling, and that remains true today.

So, I'll be here every so often to leave a new nugget of information and see how it grows, while I use other services to refine my thoughts and ideas. If you can't find me, just drop me a note, okay?

Now, where did I leave off in this thread about kittens...?

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